• Anna Hultman

SUV Collides into Spring Lake School Bus Causing a Roll-Over

Around 3 P.M. on Friday, Sept. 24, a roll-over school bus crash occurred on Leonard Street near 148th Avenue — just down the road from the high school. On the bus were six students - the bus driver, and a bus aide - none of whom sustained serious injuries.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s office reports that witnesses said, “A southbound SUV turning left onto Leonard pulled into the path of the eastbound bus... The vehicles collided head-on, causing the bus to leave the road, hit a utility pole and then roll onto its side." The Sheriff’s office cites the SUV driver’s failure to yield to the bus’ right of way as a primary cause for the crash.

Just after the collision, local news stations reported, “Two people on the bus were being evaluated by medical personnel to see if they needed treatment.” Luckily, though, those on the bus only sustained minor injuries if any. The 84-year-old SUV driver was taken to the hospital in more serious condition. There are no public reports yet as to how he is recovering, and it is unknown at this time what charges he may be facing.

(The 2013 Ford Escape just after the collision)

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