• Ryleigh Murphy and Inez Allard

Thanksgiving Traditions at SLHS

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together, celebrate giving thanks, and participate in various seasonal traditions. Some Spring Lake students will be traveling as far as Colorado, Arizona--and even one student is heading to Germany! Of course, many are just staying in the comfort of their own homes. Thanksgiving traditions vary among us students: some go to grandparents' houses, others play board/card games, and one student cooks their meal for their family themselves. They are, “responsible for presentation as well.” Below are the statistics of the responses that came from the Google Form posted on Schoology.

We asked students if they watched football on Thanksgiving and the results were:

We also asked students what their favorite Thanksgiving side dish was and the results were:

Then we asked students what their favorite Thanksgiving desserts were and the results were:

No matter where you're traveling or what your traditions are, enjoy your time with your family, enjoy all the food! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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