• Dylan Sawyer

The Benefits of Free School Lunches

Currently, school lunches at Spring Lake High School are free for a limited time. This is a change from previous years where school lunches have been priced. Amid a global pandemic, offering free school lunches is an extremely smart move by the school to help students who may have been financially hurt while also allowing more students to get lunch than before.

Having free lunch for all students is beneficial because some students’ parents may have lost their jobs during the pandemic. This will help reduce the stress of the student's parents as they don’t have to worry about purchasing lunch for their child every day. While the lunches are only being offered free for a limited time, the time they are being offered can relieve stress from financially hurt families as they try to get back on their feet.

Another good possibility of free lunch is that, overall, more kids will be eating school lunch. This should help kids academically as well, allowing them to get more food and be more energized for the rest of their classes. Being hungry during class can be distracting, but if lunch is free, more kids will be encouraged to eat.

In my opinion, offering free lunches at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year has been a very good move on the school’s part. While it may only be temporary, it has been a great addition for the time being at Spring Lake High School.

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