• Zoe Komar

The Effects of COVID-19 on SLHS Girls Swim Team

The challenges of COVID are real and wide-ranging, including the mental challenge of needing to continue working hard in the face of uncertainty when events are canceled.

This year’s Varsity Swim and Dive season, we made it through most of the season, including dual meets and the conference finals. After six months of training and just five days before our state swim championship, however, the season was put on hold by the state. State qualifiers Eliza Hulverson, Sara Strauss, Leila Kahler, and Zoe Komar are currently waiting for state finals to happen. Normally state finals occur on the third weekend in November, however, with the State of Michigan ordering a lockdown, they were on hold until December 23. However, that too was canceled.

It is uncertain when it will be rescheduled at this point. Dealing with the unknowns of whether the rest of the season will happen and practicing alone, without coaches, for over 30 days is challenging. It’s a mental challenge to continue to train hard, not even knowing whether you will even be able to finish the season, while still needing to swim several miles in training each day to be ready. It’s a good lesson that nothing is completely certain or guaranteed and you just need to prepare by continuing to work hard with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

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