• Logan Ross

Varsity Cheer Takes on Homecoming

This past week, Spring Lake’s Varsity Cheer team has had lots to do in order to be prepared for the Homecoming football game. There are 11 cheerleaders on the cheer team along with their coach, Kayla Young.

Top Row (Left to Right):CiCi Cutler, Melody Hamm, Riley Southerland, Kyara Burt, Skyler Henshaw, and Coach Kayla

Bottom Row (Left to Right): Ella Morgan, Madi Boerger, Allie Ross, Emma Wahlberg, Lauren Munch, and Addison Benedict

During the Homecoming game, one of the cheerleaders’ favorite things to do is get the student section to have lots of energy through chants and cheers. When the student section has lots of energy, it gets the football team to also have lots of energy, helping them play harder.

The cheerleading team's best way to get the crowd cheering is through stunting. “ I’ve done cheer since I was 5 and I absolutely love cheering on the crowd, and the student section. I also love showing the crowd what we are about with stunting,” said senior Riley Southerland; when the cheerleaders are energetic, it pays off.

Not only is Homecoming the cheerleaders’ favorite week of the football season, it is also the most stressful week of the football season. Even though the cheerleaders are stressed, they still put their full effort into helping the football team play harder and with lots more energy.

Junior Emma Wahlberg said, “ I love cheerleading because I get to spend my time with my friends and watch football from the sidelines. I’m super excited for this season because the football team is doing really well and our cheer team has great chemistry.” The cheerleaders have full faith that our football team will do better than they ever have before.

Even though the cheerleaders have their differences, they still work together. “ I did cheer in elementary school but in middle school, I quit. I do regret that now though. Although I am new, these girls make me feel like I have been part of this team my whole life,” said sophomore Addison Benedict.

Sophomore CiCi Cutler said, “ The cheer team really welcomed me to the school since I was new. These girls helped me become who I am and can’t wait to see where we all go in life.”

The cheerleaders are very energetic and enthusiastic. They are especially energetic during their favorite cheer, Rush Rush. The cheerleaders have many cheers that they do.

“As a former Spring Lake Cheerleader, it has been my dream to coach here. I have been so blessed to be given this opportunity starting at the JV level and now finally at the Varsity level! This team has been so great so far, full of laughter, fun and great memories being made together. They have learned a lot so far and continue to progress to be better cheerleaders,” said cheer coach, Kayla Young.

Left to Right: Coach Kayla, CiCi Cutler, Emma Wahlberg, Addison Benedict, and Riley Southerland

The picture above is a photo of the four cheerleaders who gave a quote with their cheer coach, Kayla Young, on the night of the Homecoming football game.