• Skyler Henshaw

Varsity, Middle, Intermediate, and Elementary Cheer Join Forces at Grabinski Field

It may have been just another conference game for the football team on September 10, but it was an exciting game for the cheerleaders. Every year, at the game for the Sports Hall of Fame, the high school cheerleaders invite the youth cheer teams to cheer during the first half of the game with the “big cheerleaders.”

Each year, the high school cheerleaders coach the younger cheerleaders starting from 3rd grade and going all the way through 8th. Preparing the young cheerleaders isn’t always an easy feat - we have to start from scratch with the youngest girls in the organization and make sure the girls are prepared. When asked what it’s like coaching the youngest grade, senior Ella Morgan said,“It’s definitely hard work making sure they stay and task and not get distracted, but it’s still very rewarding seeing them get what we’re teaching and get excited about cheering - especially at games.”

In the first quarter of the game, the 3rd and 4th-grade teams are on the track. There are 40 girls total in those two grades alone, so head coach Ashley Nielson decided to mix the group together and have a Red and Gray team with the 3rd and 4th graders. When the end of the quarter hits, the high schoolers start guiding the youngest girls off the track and getting the older girls on. During the second quarter, 5th-7th graders join the high schoolers and get to show off their cheer-related skills.

Overall, the youth cheerleaders had a blast being on the track at a Varsity game and the Varsity girls had a blast having the youth cheerleaders join them.

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