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Varsity Softball Takes Tough Loss at Unity Christian

Spring Lake’s Varsity Softball played two games at Unity Christian on Monday, 4/19, with temperatures no higher than 42 degrees. When they first arrived it was freezing cold and even snowing for a little bit, but after a while it was just very windy and cold. Both games were lost, the first score being 2-11 and the second 3-11.

The first game started off with the Lady Lakers batting first and Unity on the field. They battled a long and tough game going 5 innings and trying to even the score the best they could. Avery Flynn started off pitching, earning them multiple outs throughout the game. Even as Unity kept getting hits, the outfielders: Kendra Kieft, Teagan Rose, Kaylin Solack, and Avery Britt kept up on the defensive side catching pop-flys and throwing the ball in. During the game, Avery Flynn hit a home run earning them two points.

When the second game came around, they had finished warming up and running laps around the field. Lindsey Smith started the game off pitching, which in turn helped them with getting outs and stopping Unity from scoring. Near the end of the game, Elyce Lindsey was warming up on the mound, preparing to take over. She ended up spraining her ankle and couldn’t continue playing for the rest of the game.

Even though they didn’t win, they did try hard and pushed through the cold and freezing temps, earning runs every chance they could.

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