• Emily Batka

What are you Thankful for?

In honor of Thanksgiving being right around the corner, we asked students and teachers what they were thankful for. Here's what they had to say:

  • Mr. Nick Zacek - thankful for being given the opportunity to work and coach at SL. Go Lakers!

  • Miss Heather Gannon - thankful for the beautiful outdoors!

  • Mrs. Becky Johnson - thankful to be married to her best friend.

  • Jaime Wierenga - Teaching among the hard working and dedicated Laker staff

  • Jaime McCool - Extra time with family

  • Kay Mumby - My team here at Jeffers.

  • Lori Rhem - I am thankful for my two precious granddaughters, Luella and Isabelle.

  • Leanne Derks - My Family!

  • Robin Kieft - A mild Fall, weather-wise. The band was able to rehearse outside and the choir was able to dance!

  • Kelly Ortquist - That this community as a whole, teachers AND parents, are fully committed to prioritizing education in our kids' lives.

  • Amy Berry - I am thankful that we were able to start our school year in person (faceto-face). Relationships are so important. They matter! I am thankful I am able to build those relationships with my 4th graders in person and through a computer screen.

  • Zoe Komar - I am thankful for everyone who provides everything they can to help us learn to the best of their abilities, despite the crazy school year.

  • Evien Berry - My family.

  • Kelly Keefe - No matter who's in office or what our crazy circumstances are, I am thankful that the Lord God Almighty is always in control.

  • Olivia Twa - My family, because at the end of every day they are always there to talk me through things and support me.

  • Ally Kucks - I'm thankful for the friends I have met this year and how they have taught me new things and I'm thankful for the memories I now share with them

  • Kathy Britton - The extra time I took to intentionally be in nature to enjoy our stunning West MI area.

  • Ava Weber - I am thankful that I still have the opportunity to continue playing my sports!

  • David Theune - I remain, as ever, thankful for my family. Daily, I feel their love and support.

  • Harrisen Smith - The wonders provided by electricity

  • Isabella Donaldson - I am very thankful for the opportunity to come back to school in person this fall. I got to see a lot of people I have not been able to see since March and it made me very happy.

  • Susan Dalman - My Community of helpful friends and family!

  • Joanne Koratich - Public libraries

  • Karl Sineath - The outdoors!

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