• Emily Batka

Where are they now?- Chloe Warmoth

We have had a lot of people come and during their time at Spring Lake, some we hope to remember and continue to grow with over the course of our lives. Chloe Ray Warmoth attended Spring Lake Middle School with the intention of going to high school here, but being called out to fulfill her dream, she moved out to Los Angeles to work and go to school there. Ever since then she has lived there, but does spend most of her summers here in Michigan. Currently she is working as an actress/film director and is enrolled in Chapman University in California majoring in Film Production and minoring in Television.

Chloe says that some of her favorite things about Spring Lake were the football seasons and tailgating outside of the middle school every Friday. Her favorite extracurricular activities were cross country, theater, and swimming. She mentioned that, “Spring Lake's Theater program instilled a love of acting in me that definitely pushed me to what I am doing now.” In her work she says, “I play a variety of different roles in film, television, commercials, and often print. I get to collaborate with wonderful networks, companies, and artists.” Chloe’s advice to today's Lakers is to remember that you should be yourself and do what you want, don't get sucked into gossip and be kind. We here at Spring Lake wish much success for Chloe as she finishes college and moves forward in her life.

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