• Emily Batka

Where are they now?- Morgan Carey

Morgan Carey graduated from Spring Lake highschool in 2016, after attending it for four consecutive years. She played soccer and basketball in her freshman year, HS for one year, and participated in the Task Force. Currently, Morgan is living in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, helping students to learn and speak English. She chose to move to Spain before jumping into her career with a major in Marketing and Concentration in Innovation and Product Management. She says her motivation for going to Spain and choosing to do this has to do with a current SL Spanish teacher, Mr. Webster (Profe).

A few things Morgan has to say about her express in Spring Lake is the close connection she had with the students and staff members. She says, “During my four years, the school spirit was always high and it was always so fun.” Her advice to today’s Lakers would be Enjoy the next few years to the fullest. Not to stress and don't be overwhelmed by colleges. Be nice to people because you might bump into them a few years down the road. “Don't be afraid to take a leap and do something you are interested in or passionate about -- you never know where it will lead you. Also, always respect and be nice to everyone.”

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