• Delainie Bullis

Why You Should Vote for Joe Biden

If you follow politics, you’ll know that this election season has been quite crazy. The debates have consisted of candidates talking over one other, plus the moderator and the candidates avoiding answers to certain questions or answering a question with something completely unrelated to the topic of conversation. Not to mention, insults were thrown back and forth as well. Neither of the current candidates were ever my first choice, and I bet that neither were your first choice either, but this is why I think you should settle for Joe Biden.

Ever since Biden was chosen as an official candidate, his policies and promises to America have been rock solid and I think as President of the United States of America, he would put this country back on the right track. Let’s start with the biggest point, which is the handling of COVID-19 and stopping the spread of the virus. Biden and Harris have formulated a 7-point plan that would help stop the spread of COVID-19 and get it under control:

  • The first point doubles the number of testing sites and makes testing more accessible, invests in next generation testing such as home tests and instant testing, and establishes a U.S. Public Health Job Corps of about 100,000 trusted Americans to perform contact tracing and protect at-risk communities.

  • Point two focuses on producing more PPE to make it more accessible.

  • Point number three will ensure that he is giving us reliable information that provides clear evidence-based information for the American people and how to make it through the pandemic.

  • The fourth point is a plan for effective and fair distribution of vaccines and treatments.

  • The fifth point is a protection for all elderly people and people at risk for catching COVID.

  • Point six is the plan to rebuild and fix all damages made by Trump about predicting, preventing, and diminishing pandemic threats. This includes restoring our relationship with the World Health Organization.

  • The last point is implementing a mask mandate around the country by working with governors and mayors to ask the American people to keep the country safe.

Next up we have our economy and healthcare. Biden is known to be an advocate for the people and that was very obvious when he was Obama’s Vice President. He has promised free healthcare for all, which is good, because healthcare is a human right and everyone deserves to get medical attention and help when they need it without having to worry about whether or not they can afford it. As for the economy, he wants to help families recovering from the pandemic and assist communities that were greatly affected by COVID-19. Biden plans to create more jobs, so people can make money and give working families tools, choices, and freedom to get back on their feet. He will provide government aid to all essential workers, extend unemployment to help those out of work, and provide a comeback package for businesses and entrepreneurs. Moving forward from COVID-19, Biden will mobilize American manufacturing and innovation to make sure the future is made in America, make sure we build the foundation to have a clean energy future, build a 21st century caregiving and education workforce to help women and ease the burden for working parents, and, most importantly, make sure there is racial equality in our economy. He will tax wealthy people and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour so that people can have a living wage and get their families out of poverty.

Although these issues shouldn’t be considered political, Biden has a lot of human right plans in place. He will:

  • Ensure that women have control over their own bodies and Roe v. Wade stays in place.

  • He will protect all LGBTQ+ people from discrimination and will make sure they get treated fairly in the justice system and have proper healthcare protections.

  • Reform the immigration system and make sure all refugees are treated fairly.

  • Make it harder to obtain a gun and enforce a more strict background check so guns don’t get into the hands of the wrong people and we can protect others, especially kids in schools.

  • Fight to end systemic racism in America by fighting for proper justice for Black Americans. He will fight to change the corrupt system that these police are working for. There are good cops, but the system needs a change so that all people can be treated equally.

In conclusion, Joe Biden has made many great promises to America, and I think you should vote for him because he will change not only the US, but the world with his beliefs. I couldn’t cover everything that Biden wants to do, and for more great reasons to vote for him, check out the section of his campaign website called ‘Joe’s Vision’. Remember, if you are old enough, please vote early if possible, or on November 3rd! Use your voice and vote to lift up others who don’t have a voice. We’ll change the world one person at a time. Vote Blue!

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