• Grace Sara

Why You Should Wear Your Mask

In recent times, we have had COVID-19 around, causing a mask mandate. Now, you may be someone who is against masks or someone who is for masks, but in this article, you can read about the reason you have to wear these masks. I think that everyone should have to wear masks even if they are vaccinated or not.

The reason is that the masks are there to protect other people, not just yourself. With that being said, you should know that N95 masks and medical masks are some of the safest masks that you can wear. When you wear a cloth mask it can still let droplets through, but N95 masks and medical masks do a better job of protecting you completely.

The mask mandate is there to protect yourself and others. When you don’t wear your mask I believe you are being selfish and only caring about yourself. You are also harming other people with your decision. You are going to help protect people from getting the virus if you wear your mask, and since cases are going up, this is a very important time to wear your mask.

However, with the mask mandate, there are some things that you don’t want to do. Those things are: don’t put a mask on anyone under 2 years old, don’t try to use masks as a substitute for social distancing, and if someone has trouble breathing don’t put a mask on them. I hope you know that you can help by wearing your mask!

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