• Anna McLean

Winter Sports on Halt

UPDATE: Governor Whitmer passed restrictions Sunday night imposed through a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services order that will pause high school athletics, taking effect Wednesday. This order will be in place for three weeks, ending December 8th.

Since the recent events of Spring Lake High School going virtual until the 30th of November, much has been uncertain. Will students take their first trimester exams? If teachers decide to give them, how will they do it? One of the other important questions students have been asking is, “What will happen to winter sports?”

So far, tryouts and the season in general for girls and boys basketball has not been cancelled, but with spiking COVID-19 cases, not much is certain.

Sophomore Noor Baria says, “Basketball, so far, is looking like with the surge of cases, we need to absolutely minimize our contact with others. As a player on the JV team for girls basketball, we have already had so many of us in quarantine, and it just shows as a team that we need to be united as one. We definitely need to be ready for any drastic changes, making our team stronger. The girls and I would agree this team is like a family, we’re all sisters, and we understand that if we have to quarantine it would hurt the team. Long story short, we are taking the maximum precautions to help ensure the start of our season.”

Sophomore Max Witherell also says, “Tryouts start the 16th, and everyone just really wants there to be a season, so we also are taking the necessary precautions in order to do so.”

Girls Basketball tryouts conceded last week, starting on the 9th, and the boys are set to try out this Monday, the 16th. The girls were set to play their first game December 1st, but with the Governer’s new order, it is now uncertain when the game will take place.

Overall, Spring Lake’s athletes are not strangers to accommodating for their seasons, and they are looking forward to the continuation of winter sports on December 8.

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