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World Language Club: Day of The Dead

What is Day of The Dead? Well, Day of The Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos, is a holiday that is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd by Latin American countries. This is a tradition to remember the loved ones who have passed away. Families welcome back the souls of their loved ones by visiting the gravesite and decorating it with their favorite food, drinks, activities for their spirits to enjoy in the afterlife.

The Spring Lake High School World Languages Club has always celebrated The Day of Dead every year. The first event of the club was Wednesday, October 20th, in Mrs. Peterson’s room. Students helped decorate an altar for Dia de Los Muertos. This was a chance for students to connect with this tradition. The altar is by Mrs. Gwinnup’s room.

Day of The Dead does have some impact on some students in the school. One of the students, Addi Tober, shared her reasons for helping with the altar and the impact: “ I wanted to decorate the altar just because I thought it would be fun to do something to help celebrate the Day of the Dead.”

“I have never celebrated the Day of the Dead, but I think it would be an amazing thing to celebrate once I begin traveling. What I think people should know about the Day of the Dead is that even though it is to celebrate those that have passed on, it is also to celebrate the life you have and have been given with the family and friends that you have.”

Another student, Alec Todd, has many connections with Day of The Dead: “ Well I was first very inspired by seeing my stepfamily's altars for our long-departed family members. I thought it would be fun, if I'm honest. I also wanted something to do in my free time as well.” Todd also wants to let people know how important it is: “ It was important to me because a few years ago we made an altar for my aunt Rosie, who had passed and I was very close with her. She loved to celebrate the holiday and whenever it was October she would start working on her altar for her parents. I think it’s something a lot more people should celebrate, I mean it helps you feel closer to those you have lost even if they are no longer with us.”

Mrs. Peterson, one of the Spanish teachers, has commented how Dia de Los Muertos is an important subject to learn in schools by saying, “ It’s very important that kids get to learn other cultures and I love this day because it doesn’t just celebrate the bad or the sad. It really is a celebration to keep the memory alive.”

Latin Countries have taken this day in their hearts. It’s a way to honor their loved ones. Not only does it carry on their memories but their families get to share epic stories with other family members that never got to meet them.

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