• Anna McLean

You've Been Booed!

The teachers and staff of Spring Lake High School have never been prone to turning down a little holiday spirit. To jazz up the excitement for Halloween 2020, staff have been participating in a classic Halloween game, “You’ve been Booed!”

With tension running high due to the upcoming election, this has been a fun way to get teachers and staff involved in a traditional Halloween game that is fun for the entire school to watch play out. Teachers have even been asking students for tips and tricks on how to prank their fellow workmates. So far, twenty staff members have been booed. Each of the staff takes a picture with the unsettling doll that is passed around, prints it out, and it is then put up on the “I’ve Been Booed” Board at the end of the entrance hallway by Mr. Reinhard’s room.

The way the game goes is that one person brings in an item, in this case, the terrifying doll, and the objective is to hide it in a staff member of their choosing’s room in hopes that they might get a scare. From there, the teacher who had been booed, takes a picture of or with the doll, and puts it on the board. Sequentially, that staff member must now decide who they’re to boo next.

An anonymous student says, “It was kinda fun having a class discussion with my teacher about who they were going to give the doll to next. It was kind of nice to connect with them and see that teachers can have fun, too.”

Teachers and staff at Spring Lake always do a great job making the most out of tough situations, and this was a great way to get in the festive Halloween spirit!

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