• Sarah Sevener

Youth Advocacy Team Tackles Sexual Abuse Week at SLHS

Last week at SLHS, the Spring Lake Youth Advocacy Team organized a Sexual Abuse Awareness week. The Youth Advocacy Team is a group of passionate students in Ottawa County. This team is organized by the Children's Advocacy Center of Holland, Michigan. This amazing organization offers sexual abuse services to children and families in Ottawa County. As part of the Sexual Abuse Awareness week, SLHS students had the opportunity to “leave their mark” on sexual abuse by placing their thumbprint on a poster. They also were able to grab a free mask with the CAC logo. The tremendous amount of support that Spring Lake High School showed is something that the YAT is forever grateful for. The poster will be donated to the CAC so that the children there can know they have support in the community. Seeing students around the school still wearing their masks is so profound and heartwarming. Thank you for all the support SLHS! If any students would like to be a part of the YAT team next year, make sure to apply! Also, the CAC is always accepting donations and would love volunteers, if over the age of 18.

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